If you see something you like, take a pic and text it to us @ 480-278-9628. We love to collaborate! 

Bora Bora in Carob

Wine Glass Green in Olive Wood

Rose Quartz Handle in Walnut Wood

Rose Quartz with Walnut biscuits

Partly unfinished Green Mini Handled Board

Ocean Blue with Walnut. Stand is Walnut also.

White Abalone in Walnut

Forest Green with Walnut cookie oval board. 

Stones we can imbed in the epoxy. 

Copper Penny Color 

Unifnished Boards ready for conditioning

Piano Key Style - Blue Opaqe - Multiple woods

Green Envy in Olive Wood 

Handled Boards ready for finishing polish and conditioning. And a mop. What can we say, we like to stay clean. : ) 

Wine glass green in walnut 

Pecan (16 x 9).mp4

Sea Glass Board 

Blue Ocean with Mesquite

Pacific Blue, walnut cookie Coaster Set

Caribbean Blue with Indian Rosewood

Modern Handle Boards - black opaqe w/ abalone and b/w opaque.

Walnut and Space Blue

Black Opaque/ Ambrosia Maple

Slate blue in Olive wood 

One Live edge Pacific Blue in Walnut